RPATech: Transforms Existing Manual System to Digital Automation Process

CIO Vendor In the year 2020, the direction is set towards digitalization, automation, robotic process automation, and hyper-automation, i.e., the combination of RPA with artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is also because the Covid -19 pandemic is stalling most of the globe's activities, and RPA has become a go-to strategy for organizations across the tiers. Suddenly, there is a surge in organizations looking forward to RPA to keep their business as usual during the current uncertain times. Being one of the leading pure-play RPA services providers, RPATech is committed to providing exceptional value to its customers with its key focus on process excellence and innovation. RPATech has created a culture that emphasizes customer centricity, teamwork, and continuous process improvement. The company's culture is expressed in values based on the foundation of unyielding integrity and acts as a compass to guide their thoughts and actions, thus serving as the pillars that uphold them as an organization.

"Our business model creates a scalable extension of our client organization, thus integrating the culture of the two organizations. We work closely with our clients to understand their business priorities, and to generate valuable business insights for them in the form of customer intelligence, competitor analysis and market trends. We also work to identify and create new opportunities for productivity enhancement, cost reduction and revenue generation", explained Alok Mani, Founder & CEO, RPATech.

Unique RPA Solutions as Differentiating Factor
RPATech brings the power of artificial intelligence, natural language process, computer vision, smart OCR, and machine learning to RPA. The company provides RPA licensing and implementation, CoE consulting to help customers develop their in-house RPA center of excellence, and process mining services using the proprietary technology MotherBot. MotherBot is installed on user machines across organizations to observe the work processes. It helps not only to create an accurate blueprint of the
client's processes but also can create a bot of its own without the help of any developer or business analyst, resulting in rapid deployment. The firm has developed industry-focused solutions to help clients worldwide realize the benefits of automation atleast 30 percent-40percent quicker than standard implementation. RPATech has the vision to democratize Robotic Process Automation in enterprises.

"Two factors that have been critical to our success are emphasizing on training our resources on a regular basis and key focus on our internal research and development program. Our training lineage in-house platform certified trainers has helped us to ensure that our employees are trained on all the latest platforms, technologies to create state-of-the-art solutions for our clients", added Alok.

Leveraging RPATech’s platform, MotherBot, they help organizations envisage their Hyper Automation strategy, assist them setup Automation CoE and automate processes with leading RPA platforms.

Moreover, RPATech is currently helping organizations by creating solutions that can be used amidst this pandemic situation. For instance, the firm has helped one of India's leading hospitals to update their Covid-19 patient data. The project focuses on collating data for all the patients tested in labs for Covid-19 and automatically uploading the ICMR website's data. It automatically fetches report status from the labs' portal. It also has the facility report the reconciled report to the State Government agencies and other desired recipients.

RPATech is rigorously working on easy to use solutions to support organizations to sail through these difficult times. The company is continuously adding RPA professionals to their team and esteemed clients to its bucket to strengthen the capability and expand the business further.